Warframe Stuff Organizer

With Warframe Stuff Organizer you can easily get a grip on some of the harder things to keep organized in Warframe;

  • Have a better insight into which items you can build, and which parts are still missing!
  • Track your progress for all Warframe items that contribute to your mastery rank!
  • Get a comprehensive overview of which tradable items and sets you own, and which parts to focus on!
  • Have a handy overview of all your companions, even if they're in stasis or you only have an imprint left of them!

I hope this web app is as useful to you as it is to me. If you ever come across me in-game, feel free to give me a shout-out :) I play on PC; my IGN is "GrandLompus".

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Recent changes

If you're interested in all that is new, the entire backlog of the changes, and what stuff will likely show up on this site in the (near) future, you can head over to the changes page. The most recent changes are listed below.

2022-08-03: Completed the recipes of Aeolak and Hespar.
2022-07-16: Added the new items Khora Prime, Hystrix Prime and Dual Keres Prime, with their relics Lith K9, Meso H2, Meso H3, Meso O5, Meso P8, Meso V7, Neo D5, Neo G4, Neo N21, Neo S15, Axi G8, Axi K8, Axi K9, Axi K10, Axi N8 and Axi S12.
2022-07-16: Vaulted the items Inaros Prime, Panthera Prime and Karyst Prime, incl. the relics Lith H4, Meso G3, Meso I2, Meso N12, Meso P5, Meso P7, Neo K4, Neo N20, Neo P4, Neo V10, Axi G7, Axi K6, Axi K7, Axi O5, Axi S10 and Axi S11.
2022-06-09: Added the new Felarx and Innodem.
2022-05-12: Unvaulted Zephyr Prime, Chroma Prime, Tiberon Prime, Kronen Prime, Rubico Prime and Gram Prime, incl. their relics Lith C8, Lith T6, Meso R4, Neo K3, Neo Z8 and Axi G5. Re-vaulted Banshee Prime, Mirage Prime, Euphona Prime, Kogake Prime, Akbolto Prime, Helios Prime and Deconstructor Prime, incl. their relics Lith K5, Lith M7, Meso E5, Neo B6, Axi A12 and Axi H5.
2022-04-30: Each page now has a "Hide instructions" checkbox to make the page far less cluttered when you already know how it all works.
2022-04-30: Added the items page filter "Wantedness". The "Unwanted" option in the "Ownage" filter has been placed here, and the new option "Wanted" has been added.
2022-04-30: Tightened up some wording used in the items page filter options so the filter list takes up less screen space.
2022-04-27: Properly attributed all items sold by Little Duck to her instead of to Vox Solaris.
2022-04-27: Added the Angels of the Zariman items spoilersGyre, Alternox, Hespar, Aeolak, Praedos, Phenmor and Laetum. For now I do not yet know how mastery is gained from the Incarnon weapons (the last 3). I just added a "Mastered" checkbox to them, but there might come an update on that soon.
2022-03-29: Added the new relics Lith H4, Lith N11, Lith N12 and Axi S11.
2022-03-28: Added the new primes Garuda Prime, Nagantaka Prime and Corvas Prime (incl. their relics Lith G5, Lith S12, Lith Z3, Meso G4, Meso N12, Meso P7, Neo C2, Neo M4, Neo N20, Axi G7, Axi K7 and Axi S10).
2022-03-28: Vaulted the primes Titania Prime, Corinth Prime and Pangolin Prime (incl. their relics Lith C9, Lith G4, Lith H3, Lith N10, Lith S11, Lith T8, Meso P4, Meso S11, Meso Z4, Neo N17, Neo N18, Neo P3, Axi C7, Axi M2, Axi P4 and Axi S9).
2022-02-16: Vaulted Rhino Prime, Boltor Prime and Ankyros Prime incl. their relics Lith B4, Meso N6, Neo R1 and Axi S3. Unvaulted Banshee Prime, Mirage Prime, Euphona Prime, Kogake Prime, Akbolto Prime, Helios Prime and Deconstructor Prime, incl. their relics Lith K5, Lith M7, Meso E5, Neo B6, Axi A12 and Axi H5.
2022-01-26: Processed DE's hotfix where Lith P4 got added and Lith P2 got vaulted. Also unvaulted Lith B4, Meso N6, Neo R1 and Axi S3 now that Prime Resurgence is over and Rhino Prime and Nyx Prime are back from the prime vault.
2022-01-07: Corrected the source of certain quest related items; Cephalon Simaris is now also an option for them.
2021-12-18: Processed DE's hotfix where one of the duplicated Lith N9 was renamed to Lith N10. Please check your inventory to fix your relic counts on the Relics page.
2021-12-18: Added the New War items spoilersSirocco, Nataruk, Rumblejack, Nepheri, Korumm and Verdilac.
2021-12-16: Added the new Venato.
2021-12-15: Added the new item Caliban. Venato and the New War items will be added when their acquisition info becomes available.
2021-12-15: Harrow Prime, Scourge Prime and Knell Prime have been added, while Ivara Prime, Baza Prime and Aksomati Prime have been vaulted. This results in relics Lith C9, Lith H3, Lith S11, Lith T8, Lith T9, Meso A3, Meso G3, Meso I2, Meso S11, Neo K4, Neo N18, Axi C7, Axi K6, Axi P4, Axi S9 and Axi T8 being added and Lith A4, Lith I1, Lith K7, Lith N7, Lith N8, Lith T7, Meso B5, Meso B6, Meso C6, Meso S10, Neo P2, Neo T4, Neo T5, Axi A13, Axi A14, Axi C6, Axi G6 and Axi I2 being vaulted.
2021-11-17: Put Rhino Prime, Ankyros Prime, Boltor Prime and their relics Lith B4, Meso N6, Neo R1 and Axi S3 into the vault. Also added the new Prime Vanguard relics Lith K8, Lith L3, Lith N9, Lith R1, Meso B7, Meso P6, Neo A6, Neo D4, Neo H3, Axi D3 and Axi M3.