Warframe Stuff Organizer

With Warframe Stuff Organizer you can easily get a grip on some of the harder things to keep organized in Warframe;

  • Have a better insight into which items you can build, and which parts are still missing!
  • Track your progress for all Warframe items that contribute to your mastery rank!
  • Get a comprehensive overview of which tradable items and sets you own, and which parts to focus on!
  • Filter out the relics which you own and which are most important to you at this moment!
  • See an overview of which arcanes you still need while being in a shop!
  • Have a handy overview of all your companions, even if you only have an imprint left of them!

I hope this web app is as useful to you as it is to me. If you ever come across me in-game, feel free to give me a shout-out :) I play on PC; my IGN is "GrandLompus".

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Recent changes

If you spot there's something wrong or missing, or if you have a great suggestion, feel free to contact me!

2024-06-18: Added the new quest items spoilersJade, Harmony, Cantare and Evensong., as well as the five new arcanes Arcane Battery, Arcane Ice Storm, Melee Afflictions, Secondary Fortifier and Secondary Surge.
2024-05-16: Added the new Kuva Sobek and Tenet Glaxion.
2024-05-03: Added Protea Prime, Velox Prime and Okina Prime, incl. their relics.
2024-04-15: Fixed Ruvox not having entry fields for the number of blueprints you own.
2024-03-27: Added the new items Dante, Ruvox and Onos.
2024-03-19: Added the Dex Nikana that will be added on the 27nd.
2024-03-06: Added a "Subsumed" checkbox and accompanying filter for all non-prime warframes. Enjoy tracking your helminth status!
2024-02-11: A new rating system has been introduced on the Items, Relics and Arcanes pages! This system replaces the old "Wanted" checkbox found on the Items page. Your "Wanted" settings have been migrated to the new rating system, where "unwanted" is mapped to "useless" and "wanted" is mapped to "neutral". It's now up to you to mark some favored items.
2024-01-17: Added the new items Gauss Prime, Acceltra Prime and Akarius Prime, incl. their relics.
2024-01-17: The duplicate Neo T5 definitions on Warframe's side have been fixed! The imposter (with Tenora Prime Receiver as rare drop) is now relabelled to Neo T8, while the original one (with Tenora Prime Barrel as rare drop) is still named Neo T5. Might you have tracked your Neo T5 counts without spotting this detail, it is advised to check these counts again.
2023-12-14: Added a new Whispers in the Walls update items spoilersQorvex, Mandonel, Ekhein and Grimoire, incl. the item source Bird 3 and the new melee arcanes. Not everything is yet known of these items, so I might update certain aspects Soon.
2023-11-17: Added a new Arcanes section to track your arcanes ownage! If you can think of something that would be a nice addition, please let me know via the contact form.
2023-11-03: The Gotva Prime can now also be obtained from Baro.
2023-10-21: Added the new item Dorrclave.
2023-10-18: Added the new items Dagath, Grendel Prime, Masseter Prime and Zylok Prime (incl. the new relics).
2023-09-15: Marked all Zariman incarnon weapons as tradeable.
2023-08-31: Added the new item Gotva Prime.
2023-08-12: Added the new item Prisma Ohma.
2023-08-08: The Damaged Necramech and Damaged Necramech Weapon placeholder items can now be marked as wanted or not, so that you can filter them out with the other unwanted crap if you're done with them.
2023-07-28: Added the new items Wisp Prime, Fulmin Prime, Gunsen Prime (incl. the new relics) as well as Argo & Vel.
2023-07-25: Updated the source of Glaxion Vandal (obtainable via Baro) and Wolf Sledge (obtainable via Nightwave).
2023-07-25: Finally laid the "vaulted" status to rest for relics and items, since all vaulted items are now obtainable on a somewhat frequently rotating schedule with Varzia.
2023-06-21: Added the new items Kullervo and Rauta.

If you're interested in the entire change backlog, you can head over to the changes page.