Warframe Stuff Organizer

With Warframe Stuff Organizer you can easily get a grip on some of the harder things to keep organized in Warframe;

  • Have a better insight into which items you can build, and which parts are still missing!
  • Track your progress for all Warframe items that contribute to your mastery rank!
  • Get a comprehensive overview of which tradable items and sets you own, and which parts to focus on!
  • Have a handy overview of all your companions, even if they're in statis or you only have an imprint left of them!

I hope this web app is as useful to you as it is to me. If you ever come across me in-game, feel free to give me a shout-out :) I play on PC; my IGN is "GrandLompus".

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Recent changes

If you're interested in all that is new, the entire backlog of the changes, and what stuff will likely show up on this site in the (near) future, you can head over to the changes page. The most recent changes are listed below.

2019-11-01: Added Grendel, Masseter, Vasca Kavat and all Kuva weapons (Kuva Karak, Quartakk, etc.). The jury is still out on whether I'll add the new Requiem relics to the relics page; on the one hand they are relics and might need inventory tracking, but on the other hand they have nothing to do with (prime) item part dropping... Feel free to msg me to tell me what you think!
2019-10-26: Fixed up the tradability of Braton Vandal, Dera Vandal, Gorgon Wraith, Imperator Vandal, Karak Wraith, Lato Vandal, Latron Wraith, Orvius, Snipetron Vandal, Strun Wraith and Twin Vipers Wraith parts. And since we had the Kubrow Prime Collar as a non-XP but tradable item as well, I've also added the Mantis, Scimitar and Xiphos for the same reason.
2019-10-02: Added the new primes and re-vaulted the old ones! So, added are: Atlas Prime, Tekko Prime, Dethcube Prime and Deth Machine Rifle Prime, together with the relics Lith D1, Lith K3, Lith L2, Lith S8, Meso D4, Meso W1, Meso E3, Meso W1, Neo A3, Neo T2, Neo Z4, Axi A6, Axi G3, Axi P2, Axi R3 and Axi T3. And removed are: Mirage Prime, Kogake Prime and Akbolto Prime, together with the relics Lith A3, Lith K2, Lith L1, Lith W1, Meso A2, Meso E2, Meso K2, Neo A2, Neo S12, Neo Z2, Axi G2, Axi M1, Axi P1, Axi R2 and Axi T2. Whoa.
2019-09-28: Added the Pathocyst.
2019-09-13: Reclassified Ignis Wraith's source now that it showed up at Baro Ki'Teer (so no longer 'Unobtainable').
2019-09-04: Unvaulted Valkyr Prime, Saryn Prime, Cernos Prime, Venka Prime, Nikana Prime and Spira Prime, incl. their new relics Lith C5, Lith V6, Meso N8, Neo S13, Axi S5, and Axi V9.
2019-09-04: Re-vaulted Rhino Prime, Nyx Prime, Ankyros Prime, Boltor Prime, Hikou Prime and Scindo Prime, incl. their relics Lith B4, Meso N6, Neo R1 and Axi S3.
2019-08-30: Added the new Gauss, Akarius and Acceltra items.
2019-08-14: Corrected the status of Sweeper Prime to be vaulted (it comes with the vaulted Carrier Prime).
2019-07-20: Fixed the issue where tweaking your "I want this" checkboxes on the items page caused a server error when submitting the form via the "Submit pending changes" buttons which appear after JavaScript had a hard time running on the page.
2019-07-18: Added the new Quatz pistol; the Amphis was already in the game before.
2019-07-17: Unvaulted Nyx Prime, Hikou Prime, Scindo Prime, Rhino Prime, Boltor Prime and Ankyros Prime incl. their vaulted relics Lith B4, Meso N6, Neo R1 and Axi S3.
2019-07-07: Added the new prime items Wukong Prime, Zhuge Prime and Ninkondi Prime, incl. their relics Lith L1, Lith W1, Meso A2, Meso K2, Meso N7, Neo R2, Neo S12, Neo Z3, Axi G2, Axi D1, Axi L5, Axi M1 and Axi P1.
2019-07-07: Re-unvaulted Equinox Prime, Stradavar Prime and Tipedo Prime incl. their relics (see 2 rows below). Turns out I was too trigger happy; only the prime access ended, but these items remain available in game for now.
2019-07-07: Re-vaulted Hydroid Prime, Ballistica Prime and Nami Skyla Prime, as well as their relics Lith B6, Meso D3, Meso R1, Neo G1, Axi A4, Axi H4, Axi L2 and Axi L3.
2019-07-06: Vaulted Equinox Prime, Stradavar Prime and Tipedo Prime, as well as their relics Lith M4, Lith P2, Meso E2, Meso M3, Meso Z3, Neo N10, Neo S11, Axi K5 and Axi T2.
2019-07-03: Re-vaulted Volt Prime, Loki Prime, Odonata Prime, Wyrm Prime and Bo Prime, as well as their relics Lith O2, Meso O3, Neo V8 and Axi L4.