Warframe Stuff Organizer

With Warframe Stuff Organizer you can easily get a grip on some of the harder things to keep organized in Warframe;

  • Have a better insight into which items you can build, and which parts are still missing!
  • Track your progress for all Warframe items that contribute to your mastery rank!
  • Get a comprehensive overview of which tradable items and sets you own, and which parts to focus on!
  • Have a handy overview of all your companions, even if they're in stasis or you only have an imprint left of them!

I hope this web app is as useful to you as it is to me. If you ever come across me in-game, feel free to give me a shout-out :) I play on PC; my IGN is "GrandLompus".

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Recent changes

If you're interested in all that is new, the entire backlog of the changes, and what stuff will likely show up on this site in the (near) future, you can head over to the changes page. The most recent changes are listed below.

2021-05-25: Added the new Gara Prime, Volnus Prime and Astilla Prime (incl. their relics Lith A4, Lith K6, Meso P5, Meso T5, Meso Z4, Neo A5, Neo T4, Neo V10, Axi G6, Axi I1 and Axi N7). Vaulted Wukong Prime, Zhuge Prime and Ninkondi Prime (incl. their relics Lith D1, Lith D4, Lith G3, Lith N4, Lith T5, Meso B4, Meso K3, Meso N9, Meso P2, Meso P3, Meso R3, Meso T4, Neo N13, Neo N14, Neo P1, Neo R4, Neo T2, Neo Z5, Neo Z7, Axi A11, Axi T5, Axi T6, Axi W2 and Axi Z1).
2021-04-28: Unvaulted Zephyr Prime, Chroma Prime, Tiberon Prime, Kronen Prime, Rubico Prime and Gram Prime (and added the new relics Lith C8, Lith T6, Meso R4, Neo K3, Neo Z8 and Axi G5). Revaulted Banshee Prime, Mirage Prime, Euphona Prime, Kogake Prime, Akbolto Prime and Helios Prime (and their relics Lith K5, Lith M7, Meso E5, Neo B6, Axi A12 and Axi H5).
2021-04-13: Added Sevagoth and Epitaph.
2021-04-11: Improved the formatting of item counts and item names to make their status more unambiguous. Also fixed dynamic changes in this formatting leading to irritating input element repositioning.
2021-03-19: Added the long missing Nychus model MOA.
2021-03-19: Added all new items (Carmine Penta, Athodai, Nautilus sentinel) and updated locations of existing ones with the current changes (Ash, Oberon, Ignis Wraith and the new relics for Nyx, Valkyr, Scindo, Hikou, Cernos and Venka Prime; Lith C7, Meso N11, Neo V9, Axi S8 and Axi V10).
2021-02-24: Replaced Pangolin Prime blueprint by Pangolin Prime handle in the Axi C6 relic as per DE's fix.
2021-02-23: Added the new Octavia Prime, Pandero Prime and Tenora Prime, incl. their new relics Lith G3, Lith I1, Lith T5, Meso D6, Meso T4, Neo B7, Neo P2, Neo Z7, Axi C6, Axi O5 and Axi T6.
2021-02-23: Vaulted Equinox Prime, Stradavar Prime and Tipedo Prime, incl. their relics Lith B7, Lith C6, Lith D2, Lith D3, Lith M5, Lith N5, Lith N6, Lith P3, Lith P4, Lith S10, Lith S8, Lith W2, Meso C5, Meso E4, Meso G2, Meso N10, Neo A3, Neo D2, Neo E2, Neo I2, Neo S14, Neo Z6, Axi A10, Axi A6, Axi B3, Axi C5, Axi T4 and Axi W1. Also added the replacement relics Lith B8, Lith D4, Meso P4, Neo N14, Axi A13 and Axi W2
2021-02-16: Fixed a bug completely preventing you from adding any companions.
2021-01-25: Updated the source of Lavos and Cedo now that "Operation: Orphix Venom" is over and they can be bought from Father instead.
2020-12-18: Added the new Baro Ki'Teer item Prisma Dual Decurions.
2020-12-18: Added the new "Operation: Orphix Venom" items Lavos and Cedo. This operation also made the Basmu and Ceti Lacera blueprints tradable. Already crafted Necramech parts and Necramech Weapon parts are now also tradable.
2020-12-15: Unvaulted Banshee Prime, Mirage Prime, Euphona Prime, Kogake Prime, Akbolto Prime, Helios Prime and Deconstructor Prime incl. their relics Lith K5, Lith M7, Meso E5, Neo B6, Axi A12 and Axi H5.
2020-12-15: Re-vaulted Ember Prime, Frost Prime, Latron Prime, Reaper Prime, Sicarus Prime and Glaive Prime incl. their relics Lith G1, Meso F2, Neo S5 and Axi E1.
2020-12-13: Items which only had one tradable part now do not show the number of completed sets anymore, nor do they perma-mark the sole part as Needed-for-next-complete-set (gold-ish background); this info is completely irrelevant for those items.
2020-12-05: Pimped up the Items page so that common 'ingredient' items are now managed in only the most appropriate place. The Damaged Necramech (and -Weapon) parts are now managed like this under a newly introduced placeholder Damaged Necramech (and -Weapon) item, fixing the doubled up editable entries present since the recently added 2nd Necramech and Necramech weapon. And this system is also put to good use in Chroma's ingredient list; it now properly links back to the needed Ember, Frost, Saryn and Volt parts. NOTE FOR A FEW USERS: this removes the old hack I needed to use previously, where the Volt neuroptics listed under chroma was a fake duplicated item. All of you had both the true Volt neuroptics filled in as well as the fake Chroma one, so there was no way for me to tell how many Volt neuroptics you really had. Thus: double-check the true amount with your in-game inventory, since the fake one is now gone.
2020-12-01: Updated Damaged Necramech Capsule's name into Damaged Necramech Pod, just like it is in-game. Note though that the actual derived Necramech parts are named Capsules in-game.
2020-11-20: Added Bonewidow, Morgha, Catabolyst, Pulmonars, Bubonico, Proboscis Cernos, Sporothrix, Arum Spinosa, Sporelacer kitgun, Vermisplicer kitgun and Feverspine k-drive. Due to missing info, I have for now listed all of the Arum Spinosa and Sporothrix part sources as Bounty; this might be inacurate though.
2020-11-01: Added the Athodai.
2020-11-10: A bit late (only 1.5 months), but: re-vaulted Trinity Prime, Nova Prime, Dual Kamas Prime, Soma Prime, Vasto Prime and Kavasa Kubro Collar Prime incl. their relics Lith K4, Meso D5, Neo N12 and Axi S7.
2020-11-01: Fixed Keratinos, Sepulcrum, Trunma and Zymos to have # blueprint input fields for their parts too.
2020-11-01: Added the Vitrica.
2020-10-28: Added the new prime items Nezha Prime, Guandao Prime and Zakti Prime, including the new relics Lith B7, Lith D3, Lith N5, Lith N6, Lith P4, Lith P5, Lith T4, Meso C6, Meso G2, Neo D2, Neo E2, Neo N13, Neo S14, Neo Z6 and Axi Z1.
2020-10-18: Fixed the 'Items to build' counters on the Items page to do the right thing when toggling the item wanted/unwanted statusses.
2020-09-30: Unvaulted Ember Prime, Frost Prime, Latron Prime, Reaper Prime, Sicarus Prime and Glaive Prime incl. their relics Lith G1, Meso F2, Neo S5 and Axi E1.
2020-09-11: Added Cephalon Simaris to the source list for the Ether Daggers.
2020-08-30: Replaced the "Ingredient item" construct used with Equinox, Cortege and the Necramech with just listing the entire item's build tree 3 levels deep (instead of splitting it up in concrete 2-level deep item+parts lists). With this change the Cortege and Necramech now have set trade links as well.
2020-08-29: Now that broken Necramech and Cortage parts are tradable, I have added separate "Ingredient item" sub-items for them. This way you can now keep track of both a broken part count, a crafted part count, and the main item count. And there's now also a trade link on the broken items. This new "Ingredient item" style is also applied to Equinox's item structure. The only drawback is that there's no way for me to show links for trading whole sets this way; I'll fix that later.
2020-08-26: Added the new Deimos items Xaku, Quassus, Zymos, Keratinos, Trumna, Sepulcrum, Necramech, Mausolon, Cortege, the three Predasites and the three Vulpaphylas. For now, the Companions page lets you assign a gender to the new companions; I'll get rid of that later. And I listed Mausolon and Cortege under the new category "Necramech gun", but don't let that fool you; they're supposedly usable as archwing guns too!
2020-08-02: Fixed an issue where fallback manual page data submisions (i.e. not the default instant dynamic updating) would sometimes cause a server error.
2020-07-18: Added the new Inaros Prime, Karyst Prime and Panthera Prime, incl. their relics Lith D2, Lith M6, Lith P3, Lith S10, Mesi I1, Meso K3, Meso N10, Meso P2, Meso P3, Neo T3, Axi A11, Axi B4, Axi C5 and Axi W1.
2020-06-24: Updated the list of Simaris offerings regarding displaced quests & daily tribute items.
2020-06-18: Fixed that the Quatz was being listed under the name Gauss.
2020-06-11: Added the new warframe Protea plus the new items Velox, Stahlta, Stropha and Helstrum.
2020-05-26: Unvaulted Trinity Prime, Nova Prime, Dual Kamas Prime, Soma Prime, Vasto Prime and Kavasa Kubrow Prime Collar, together with their new relics Lith K4, Neo N12, Meso D5 and Axi S7.
2020-05-26: Revaulted Oberon Prime, Nekros Prime, Silva & Aegis Prime, Sybaris Prime, Tigris Prime and Galatine Prime, together with their relics Lith S9, Lith T3, Meso O4, Neo G3, Neo N11 and Axi S6.