News & recent changes

If you spot there's something missing from or incorrect in the lists, or if you have other great suggestions, feel free to contact me!

2019-11-01: Added Grendel, Masseter, Vasca Kavat and all Kuva weapons (Kuva Karak, Quartakk, etc.). The jury is still out on whether I'll add the new Requiem relics to the relics page; on the one hand they are relics and might need inventory tracking, but on the other hand they have nothing to do with (prime) item part dropping... Feel free to msg me to tell me what you think!
2019-10-26: Fixed up the tradability of Braton Vandal, Dera Vandal, Gorgon Wraith, Imperator Vandal, Karak Wraith, Lato Vandal, Latron Wraith, Orvius, Snipetron Vandal, Strun Wraith and Twin Vipers Wraith parts. And since we had the Kubrow Prime Collar as a non-XP but tradable item as well, I've also added the Mantis, Scimitar and Xiphos for the same reason.
2019-10-02: Added the new primes and re-vaulted the old ones! So, added are: Atlas Prime, Tekko Prime, Dethcube Prime and Deth Machine Rifle Prime, together with the relics Lith D1, Lith K3, Lith L2, Lith S8, Meso D4, Meso W1, Meso E3, Meso W1, Neo A3, Neo T2, Neo Z4, Axi A6, Axi G3, Axi P2, Axi R3 and Axi T3. And removed are: Mirage Prime, Kogake Prime and Akbolto Prime, together with the relics Lith A3, Lith K2, Lith L1, Lith W1, Meso A2, Meso E2, Meso K2, Neo A2, Neo S12, Neo Z2, Axi G2, Axi M1, Axi P1, Axi R2 and Axi T2. Whoa.
2019-09-28: Added the Pathocyst.
2019-09-13: Reclassified Ignis Wraith's source now that it showed up at Baro Ki'Teer (so no longer 'Unobtainable').
2019-09-04: Unvaulted Valkyr Prime, Saryn Prime, Cernos Prime, Venka Prime, Nikana Prime and Spira Prime, incl. their new relics Lith C5, Lith V6, Meso N8, Neo S13, Axi S5, and Axi V9.
2019-09-04: Re-vaulted Rhino Prime, Nyx Prime, Ankyros Prime, Boltor Prime, Hikou Prime and Scindo Prime, incl. their relics Lith B4, Meso N6, Neo R1 and Axi S3.
2019-08-30: Added the new Gauss, Akarius and Acceltra items.
2019-08-14: Corrected the status of Sweeper Prime to be vaulted (it comes with the vaulted Carrier Prime).
2019-07-20: Fixed the issue where tweaking your "I want this" checkboxes on the items page caused a server error when submitting the form via the "Submit pending changes" buttons which appear after JavaScript had a hard time running on the page.
2019-07-18: Added the new Quatz pistol; the Amphis was already in the game before.
2019-07-17: Unvaulted Nyx Prime, Hikou Prime, Scindo Prime, Rhino Prime, Boltor Prime and Ankyros Prime incl. their vaulted relics Lith B4, Meso N6, Neo R1 and Axi S3.
2019-07-07: Added the new prime items Wukong Prime, Zhuge Prime and Ninkondi Prime, incl. their relics Lith L1, Lith W1, Meso A2, Meso K2, Meso N7, Neo R2, Neo S12, Neo Z3, Axi G2, Axi D1, Axi L5, Axi M1 and Axi P1.
2019-07-07: Re-unvaulted Equinox Prime, Stradavar Prime and Tipedo Prime incl. their relics (see 2 rows below). Turns out I was too trigger happy; only the prime access ended, but these items remain available in game for now.
2019-07-07: Re-vaulted Hydroid Prime, Ballistica Prime and Nami Skyla Prime, as well as their relics Lith B6, Meso D3, Meso R1, Neo G1, Axi A4, Axi H4, Axi L2 and Axi L3.
2019-07-06: Vaulted Equinox Prime, Stradavar Prime and Tipedo Prime, as well as their relics Lith M4, Lith P2, Meso E2, Meso M3, Meso Z3, Neo N10, Neo S11, Axi K5 and Axi T2.
2019-07-03: Re-vaulted Volt Prime, Loki Prime, Odonata Prime, Wyrm Prime and Bo Prime, as well as their relics Lith O2, Meso O3, Neo V8 and Axi L4.
2019-06-03: Marked Spectra Vandal and Glaxion Vandal as "Unobtainable" since their sole drop source (operation Hostile Mergers) is now over. Also corrected the source for Zylok and Wolf Sledge; they're also unobtainable from this time on (though the Wolf Sledge parts can be traded like the Ignis Wraith).
2019-05-24: Added the Operation: Hostile Mergers items Spectra Vandal and Glaxion Vandal.
2019-05-24: Added Simaris as the second source for all quest items (also pre-emptively added Veritux and Imperator, though DE will only do that Soon).
2019-05-24: Split the item source "Syndicates" into the six seperate syndicates; it was not really informative like that, and all other 'syndicates' were already their own categories.
2019-05-23: Added Wisp and the new weapons Fulmin, Komorex and Cyanex.
2019-05-02: Fixed that the 'new' relics Lith O2, Meso O3, Neo V8 and Axi L4 were marked as vaulted -- turns out DE didn't create new ones but recycled them from a previous unvaulting.
2019-04-30: Unvaulted Volt Prime, Loki Prime, Odonata Prime, Wyrm Prime and Bo Prime, as well as added their new relics Lith O2, Meso O3, Neo V8 and Axi L4.
2019-04-27: There's a new way to filter the Items and Relics pages: filter by name! When using the new filter, any existing filtering on owned, type, etc. is ignored, so that you now have a way to quickly find and edit items and relics which do not show due to your current filtering. No more "Show all", Page\Find... and afterwards re-applying your desired filtering just to quickly tweak a single item or relic.
2019-04-21: All items now have an "I want one" checkbox. When you want to ignore certain items from the "To build" settings in the "Item ownage" filter, you can now deselect that item's "I want one" state. This can be used to e.g. make the Items page shut up about the Equinox Day and Night aspects once you've built the Equinox warframe. But feel free to ignore other items as well. Unwanted prime items are also ignored on the Relics page. To access your "unwanted" list, put the "Item ownage" filter into the new "Unwanted" mode.
2019-04-21: The "Item part ownage" filter is now merged into the "Item ownage" filter on the Items page. The consequence is that you can now not filter out already built items for which you still miss parts, but that combination was useless anyway. All other filters also had a revamp; some options have been moved around a bit or recategorized (Alerts i.e. has been renamed to Nightwave).
2019-04-21: For items acting as ingredients to other items, the "Used in" column now also shows how many you need of them to build those other items.
2019-04-21: The "Item mastery" filter, when applied, now excludes unmasterable items. There's no use showing e.g. the Arcata when searching for items to still master.
2019-04-16: Added the ability to filter the Items page on items of which you do or do not have the main blueprint, and on items of which you do or do not have ingredient items. These filtering options can be found in the "Item part ownage" filter setting. The old with/without any parts filtering is just the combination of these two new filtering ways.
2019-04-09: What do you know: Broken War's recipe was in error not requiring two blades -- it's fixed now.
2019-04-05: Added the new Korrudo.
2019-04-02: The new primes Equinox Prime, Stradavar Prime and Tipedo Prime have been added, incl. their relics Lith M4, Lith P2, Meso E2, Meso M3, Meso Z3, Neo N10, Neo S11, Axi K5 and Axi T2. Oberon Prime, Sybaris Prime and Silva & Aegis Prime have been vaulted, incl. their relics Lith M3, Lith O1, Meso A1, Meso M2, Meso P1, Meso S8, Meso Z2, Neo N8, Neo S9, Axi C4, Axi K4 and Axi O4. Also added the new replacement relics Lith A3 and Neo C1. Phew.
2019-04-02: Fixed the Paracesis needing zero Galatines to craft (instead of one) -- if only it were that easy :)
2019-03-27: Ember Prime, Frost Prime, Latron Prime, Reaper Prime, Sicarus Prime and Glaive Prime have been returned to the vault, incl. their new relics Lith G1, Meso F2, Neo S5 and Axi E1.
2019-03-26: Added the missing Runway K-Drive.
2019-03-16: Added the Wolf of Saturn Six's Wolf Sledge.
2019-03-08: Hildryn, Tatsu, Larkspur, Opticor Vandal and Prisma Grinlok have just appeared on the Items page.
2019-03-05: Put the the three new Event-only relics Meso S9, Neo S10 and Axi N6 incl. their prime sets Saryn Prime, Spira Prime and Nikana Prime back into the vault.
2019-02-16: Added the three new Event-only relics Meso S9, Neo S10 and Axi N6, and unvaulted the vaulted prime sets that they bring (Saryn Prime, Spira Prime and Nikana Prime). The Lex Prime and Braton Prime were already normally available, so nothing changes there. Note that these relics can only be obtained during the upcoming 3 weekend, with each weekend it's own relic. Happy grinding!
2019-01-30: Finally thought about adding the three K-Drives - sorry for the delay.
2019-01-29: Restored Ember Prime, Frost Prime, Latron Prime, Reaper Prime, Sicarus Prime and Glaive Prime incl. their relics Lith G1, Meso F2, Neo S5 and Axi E1 from the vault.
2019-01-29: Put Nova Prime, Mag Prime, Soma Prime, Boar Prime, Dakra Prime, Vasto Prime and presumably Akvasto Prime incl. their relics Lith M2, Meso B3, Neo N9, Axi A5 and Axi S4 into the vault.
2019-01-09: Swapped the Braton Prime Blueprint for a Braton Prime Receiver in the Lith K2 relic, as per the latest hotfix.
2018-12-19: Added the new Fortuna-related gear Baruuk, Cobra & Crane, Exergis, Plinx, Galvacord, Cantic Prism Amp, Lega Prism Amp and Klamora Prism Amp. The last three can be found under the new source 'Vox Solaris'.
2018-12-18: Added the new primes Mesa Prime, Redeemer Prime and Akjagara Prime incl. their relics Lith B6, Lith M3, Meso A1, Meso M2, Meso Z2, Neo M2, Neo S9, Neo Z2, Axi H4, Axi L3 and Axi R2.
2018-12-18: Put Banshee Prime, Helios Prime and Euphona Prime incl. their relics Lith B5, Lith C3, Lith H2, Lith P1, Lith Z2, Meso B2, Meso Z1, Neo B5, Neo H2, Neo K2, Neo L1, Neo M1, Neo S7, Axi C3 and Axi E2 into the vault. Also added the new replacement relics Lith C4, Lith K2, Meso P1, Meso T3 and Axi C4.
2018-11-22: Garuda components' source is now correctly listed under "Bounties", and added Cryota, Tazicor and Vulcax.
2018-11-13: Unvaulted Mag, Nova, Soma, Boar, Dakra, Vasto Prime, incl the new relics they come in (Lith M2, Meso B3, Neo N9 and Axi S4). Also added the new Akvasto Prime with it's relic (Axi A5).
2018-11-08: Added all new Fortuna goodies! Enjoy collecting Garuda warframe, Nagantaka/Kreska/Ocucor/Battacor weapons, Catchmoon/Gaze/Rattleguts/Tombfinger Kitguns, Para/Lambeo/Oloro Moa's, and finally Oxylus + it's Multron Rifle! At this time it's uncertain how the mastery rank works on the K-Drives, and I might have misclassified some of the weapons, so that'll have to come in another update.
2018-10-29: Properly categorized the Cyngas as an archwing gun.
2018-10-13: Added the new Paracesis.
2018-10-12: Added the new Pupacyst and Falcor.
2018-09-25: Put Valkyr Prime, Venka Prime and Cernos Prime incl. their relics Lith B3, Lith C2, Lith T2, Lith V5, Lith Z1, Meso D2, Meso O2, Meso S7, Neo K1, Neo V7, Axi A3, Axi H3, Axi K3, Axi O3 and Axi V7 into the vault.
2018-09-25: Added the new primes Chroma Prime, Rubico Prime and Gram Prime incl. their relics Lith B5, Lith C3, Lith O1, Meso R1, Meso S8, Meso T3, Neo G1, Neo H2, Neo K2, Axi C3 and Axi O4.
2018-09-25: Put Nyx Prime, Hikou Prime, Scindo Prime, Rhino Prime, Boltor Prime and Ankyros Prime incl. their relics Lith B4, Meso N6, Neo R1 and Axi S3 back into the vault, while adding the new replacement relics Lith Z2, Meso D3, Neo A2 and Axi K4.
2018-09-15: Properly categorized the Veldt as a primary weapon.
2018-09-05: Added the Zylok to the items page.
2018-08-25: Fixed relics not dynamically being (re)filtered correctly once you implicitly alter their 'building 1st set of each reward' state by updating the underlying item counts from another Items page tab (you're still with me?).
2018-08-24: Added the new Revenant, Phantasma and Prisma Twin Gremlins to the items page.
2018-08-16: Added the new Rahn Prism amp to the items page.
2018-08-16: When updating the quantity fields on the relics page, the corresponding counters and statuses on any opened items page are now updated as well! And updating item blueprint/built counters now updates the corresponding counters and statuses on any opened relics page!
2018-08-16: Fixed the issue that, for main items (so not ingredient items), the relics page included the number of built items as well into the counters next to the rewards. This is correct for ingredient items, but not for main items. I also realized this counter isn't even documented anywhere, so I added that to the relics page.
2018-08-12: The Lenz was erroneously marked as a secondary weapon instead of as a primary - fixed that.
2018-08-09: The filters on the Relics and Items pages can now be reset with a single click.
2018-08-08: Added a public members page. If you want to appear on it as well with your in-game name, ensure you have your IGN filled in on the settings page and check the option to share it.
2018-08-08: To combat the proliferation of notices I added recently, you now have the option to dismiss the more feature-explaining ones.
2018-08-05: Added filtering relics on tier (lith, meso, neo, axi).
2018-08-05: Added a button for auto-generating the correct relic fissure recruitment chat text to the relics page. I hope this is somewhat helpful; I'll try it out myself for a while to see if it's a worthwhile addition. Let me know what you think of it!
2018-08-04: Freshened up the site a bit with a new style and artwork - I even managed to cobble up a real logo :). I hope you enjoy it!
2018-07-30: IMPORTANT: Due to popular request, and confusion with the old setup, the + and - buttons surrounding all number fields have been swapped. If you already developed a habit of blindly clicking these buttons, please relearn it :)
2018-07-30: Fixed the red lines indicating a vaulted item or relic sometimes not being shown depending on page layout and zoom level, and upgraded them to proper red crosses too (which helps with legibility).
2018-07-26: Added Excalibur Umbra and Skiajati after finding out they gave MR as well upon obtaining them.
2018-07-24: Added the unvaulted Nyx Prime, Hikou Prime, Scindo Prime, Rhino Prime, Boltor Prime and Ankyros Prime incl. their new relics Lith B4, Meso N6, Neo R1 and Axi S3.
2018-06-23: Added the new replacement relics Lith T2, Lith V5, Meso B2, Meso S7, Neo N8 and Axi A4.
2018-06-19: Added Limbo Prime, Destreza Prime and Pyrana Prime + accompanying relics.
2018-06-19: Marked Nekros Prime, Galatine Prime and Tigris Prime as vaulted.
2018-05-18: Fixed Onorix recipe to have 2 blades instead of 1.
2018-05-11: Fixed automatic ownage filter updating not being applied correctly to ingredient items after building the main item, when the ingredient item would be all used up.
2018-05-06: Fixed Orvius recipe to have 2 blades and 1 disc instead of the reverse.
2018-04-30: Fixed Chroma recipe to also include Volt Neuroptics.
2018-04-27: Fixed Kronen Prime recipe to need 2 blades and handles, and fixed relic reward table for Axi K2.
2018-04-20: Added Khora, Hystrix, Dual Keres, Veldt, Sepfahn strike Zaw, Rabvee strike Zaw and Dokrahm strike Zaw. The Lato Vandal and Braton Vandal have been lifted out of the category "unobtainable".
2018-04-20: Fixed Supra Vandal's source.
2018-04-10: Returned the primes of Ember, Frost, Loki, Bo, Glaive, Latron, Reaper, Sicarus and Wyrm to the vault, as well as the associated relics Lith G2, Meso E1, Meso F3, Neo E1, Neo F1, Axi L1 and Axi S2.
2018-03-20: Added Zephyr Prime, Kronen Prime and Tiberon Prime. Vauban Prime, Fragor Prime and Akstiletto Prime have been moved into the vault.
2018-03-20: Some relics containing only unvaulted prime items were themselves erroneously marked as unvaulted as well (like the Neo S5); this has been fixed.
2018-03-16: Next to each relic on the relics page is now a 'trade' link which brings you to the site to start trading immediately and/or to get information on, prices etc. All unvaulted relics also have a 'farm' link next to them which brings you to the site to see where that relic can be farmed.
2018-03-03: For each reward on the Relics page, it now shows in more detail whether you already built that prime part's set, and/or whether you have enough of them to build your 1st set. This makes it easier to see which relics you do not need to bother yourself with anymore, because you already have collected enough of their prime parts to at least own the sets offered by it.
2018-02-15: The tradability of syndicate archwing parts is now also reflected in the trading indicators on the items page. Also, all tradable items, parts and sets now have a 'trade' link next to them which brings you to the site to start trading immediately and/or to get information on, prices etc.
2018-02-11: The site is officially not in Beta anymore!
2018-02-11: The list of used categories in the item source filter has been vastly increased and revamped. As a result, all remembered item source filter settings have been reset. To empower you, the item's source and type is now also displayed. Amp prisms and zaw strikes now also properly link to their Wikia pages.
2018-02-07: Added new relics for the newly unvaulted prime items, and updated the list of vaulted items.
2018-01-14: Added missing Baro Ki'Teer items (Prisma Shade + Prisma Burst Laser, Viper Wraith).
2018-01-05: The relics page now also shows you how many of each part you need (for those sets that require more than one of the same prime item), and the 'owned' indicator now also makes use of this.
2017-12-22: The filter options now stick to the top of the screen when you scroll down, making them available at all times.
2017-12-21: Added the new items (Corinth, Gunsen, Quartakk and Stubba).
2017-12-15: Put the Founders exclusive items under their own source category so as not to confuse the new players, and added the new Prime items (Mirage Prime, Akbolto Prime and Kogake Prime).
2017-12-13: Added all Amp prisms and Zaw strikes to keep track of the mastery for those.
2017-11-28: Added the Cassowar and Baza items.
2017-11-08: The items page now also shows you which tradable parts sets you have; filtering is added for this as well.
2017-11-06: Due to all added functionality to the items page, the prime sets page has become redundant and has been merged with the items page.
2017-11-02: The items page now allows you to keep track of the number parts you have, and it can now be filtered to show only prime sets.
2017-10-29: Filtering capabilities on the prime sets, relics and items pages has vastly been improved.
2017-10-28: The items page now also lists all ingredients to all items, most useful for the wraith and vandal items.
2017-10-17: PoE update: added the newly added weapons and warframe to the items page.
2017-10-16: The items page now also shows which items you own; especially handy in combination with the "uses" and "used in" columns.
2017-10-10: The items page now also shows the item status in the "uses" and "used in" columns, as well as little go-to-item links there for easy navigation.
2017-10-10: The items page can now filter on item type.
2017-10-09: The prime sets, items and relics pages now show lots more detailed stats of the things they show.
2017-10-07: Added relics page to keep track of your relics.
2017-10-07: Your filtering preferences for the items and prime sets pages is now saved.
2017-10-06: Some bug fixes & streamlining (hey - still in beta), and added artwork.
2017-10-02: Prime sets page now shows how many unique prime sets you already own, or at least can build.
2017-10-02: Items page now shows how many unique items you already own (blueprint or built), and how many you already master.
2017-09-30: Updated prime parts & items lists.
2017-09-28: The site went live! It's still a closed beta version though, so things might change around a bit.

Upcoming features (or maybe not)

Below is an overview of the thoughts I still have on improving this site. Not everything listed below will make it though; some things might seem nice in theory but will prove impractical to implement or keep track of. Or they'll take so long to implement I'd be better off stalling them (indefinitely) in favor of others. So don't pin me down on this; they're not promises!

Items page

  • Add an indication of which relics need refinement when viewing the total picture of which parts you still need. This so that you know whether you are better off refining that relic, even though you plan on getting a common drop from it.
  • Add the ducat value of all parts on the page; both per prime part as well as a grand total (or such). I'd first need to get an authoritative list of the correct ducat values per prime part, though (there is a structure, but there are also lots of exceptions).
  • Add the ability to sort on e.g. number of missing parts.

Companions page

  • Add image upload. The description field is nice, but it just doesn't cut it to get a nice overview of what your companions look like.
    Don't get your hopes up though wrt adding hi-res screenshots; if this feature is going to be introduced, I'll probably downscale all uploaded images to a small format to not blow up the underlying database.
  • Or... maybe scrap this section; there's not much to keep track of per companion, you normally only sort of have a handful of them anyway, and adding image uploading support will make this site quite a lot heavier.

Mods page

  • A page to track your mod collection. But since each mission can give a boatload of new mods, I wonder how feasible it is to keep your collection here in sync...
    On the other hand, it might enable you to keep track of which mods you have that are pricey enough to put them on sale and such.

Cosmetics page

  • I might add a separate cosmetics page someday. This page will be set up differently than the items page, since most item-related bookkeeping is not relevant here (you can't trade 'em, they give no mastery rank, you thus only need one so there's no need to track the quantity, etc.)


  • Add a way of importing and exporting your data to and from this site. Think CSV files which are easy to open in e.g. Microsoft Excel. Nice for off-line usage, though if you're playing Warframe you're on-line anyway, so...